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72A1, 72A2, 72A3, 72AL1, 72AL2, 72BA1, 72BR1, 72BR2, 72E1, 72E2, 72ES1, 72GE1, 72GE2, 72JE1, 72JE2, 72KA1, 72LG1, 72LG2, 72ME1, 72ME2, 72M1, 72MO3, 72MO9, 72MT2, 72MT5, 72N1, 72N2, 72NA1, 72NA2, 72N01, 72TS1, 72TS2, 72TS4, 72WH1, 72WH2, Page 65 and 95 upside down Placement of urea on two barley varieties It was shown (Mason 1971) that Beecher Barley emergence was virtually unaffected by 112 or 336 kg urea/ha. banded with the seed, apart from a slight delay in emergence at the higher rate. However, in the 1972 season, in field trials, the number of Clipper Barley plants emerging was reduced by urea banded with the seed. This glasshouse trial was designed to compare these two barley varieties in their response to urea banded with the seed. Page 53. EX 61A2, 61M11, 61WH2, 67N3, 68SG4, 69N1, 72ES2, 72MT1, 72C2, 72WH3,

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