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Biosecurity, pests, weeds and diseases


Best bet minimum tillage, 86AL38, 86AL39, 86AL40. Minimum tillage factors, 86AL62. South coast potential yield factors, 86 AL 81, 86AL82. Time of planting by variety interaction - south coast, 86AL87. Capeweed control in cereals with residual herbicides, 86AL45. Sprayseed/glean, roundup/glean tank mixes for grass control, 86AL43. Sorrel control systems, 86AL43. Sorrel control for pasture establishment. Pre plant ally on barley, 86AL86. Pre plant ally on oats, 86AL84, 86AL85. Pre plant ally on clover, 86AL63. Pre plant ally on peas, 86AL65. Pre plant ally on rape, 86AL67. Double knockdowns, 86AL68, 86MT67. Rate, time of spraying and scarifying interaction on pre-p1ant herbicides, 86AL46. Lontrel and verdict on rape. Grass control in lupins, 86AL61. Take-all control by I.C.I. PP450, Take-All Control by I.C.I. PP450, 86AL56, 86AL57, 86AL58

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Western Australia.