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Biosecurity, pests, weeds and diseases


85BA22, 85MT31, 85N053, 85BA24, 85MT32, 85MT32, 85N052, 85N053, 85BA21, 85MT30, 85BA21, 85BA22, 85MT31, 85MT43, 85KA59, 85KA60, 85M29, 85MT44, 85E22, 85ES22, 85ES23, 85N051, 85BA25, 85WH27, 85C65, 85C69, 85C66, 85C67, 8SKA48, 8SMT34, 85KA47, 85MT33, 85M26, 85ME26, 85KA49, 85KA51. A.General Notes and Highlights BARLEY FOLIAGE DISEASES B. Scald: Screening fungicides c. Scald: Fungicidal control in Northam district D. Scald: Effect of seeding rate E. Scald & Mildew Effect of fungicides and rates F. Scald & Mildew Seed borne infection and seed dressing G. Scald & Mildew Effect of seed dressing and spraying H. Scald & Mildew Effect of Erex and Baytan I. Mildew: Cultivar x seed dressing J. Mildew: Comparing fungicides K. Mildew: Simulated Stubble mulching L. Mildew: Cultivar mixtures M. Net-Blotch: Seed borne infection and its control N. Net-Blotch: Screening fungicides O. Spot-type Net-Blotch Potential yield losses P. Spot-type Net-Blotch Effect of date of sowing Q. Spot-type Net-Blotch Simulated stubble mulching FIELD PEA DISEASES R. Black spot: Potential crop losses S. Black spot: Seed dressings T. Black spot: Monitoring Air borne infection U. Black spot: Screening for resistance

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