G H. Walton

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Grains and field crops


Influence of genetic components on harvest index. (note the conclusions from these results are especially subject to Statistical Analysis) 1. At three sites out of the four, the acquisition of 'early' gene(s) improved the harvest index. Mount Barker was the exception to this. This was true for both the cosentini, albus and angustifolius varieties. In 1971,when the spring was wetter than 1972,the plant maturity was much less of an influenceupon the harvest index. 2. The alkaloid content of the plant in L. angustifolius doesn°t seem to have a consistent influence upon the harvest index. This was the same experience irn the 1971 trials. In the L. cosentini varieties, the bitter types consistently give better harvest index than the sweet ones, but the sweet varieties are better than the semisweet variety. Thus susceptibility to insect damage doesn°t seem to be the difference between varieties of different alkaloid content. 3. The gene for white flowers and seed in L. angustifolius may reduce the plants vigour and capacity to set seed when the plant is under abnormal stresses. Trial - 72A17, 72BA16, 72C14, 72E15, 72MT28, 72WH17

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