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Grains and field crops


Trials in Progress During 1973 observations were made on 11 small plot legume species· trials and 11 grazing trials. In 1974 the small plot trials will remain the same and the grazing trials will be reduced to 8. This report summarizes the results from the grazing trials under the following headings:- Seasonal Conditions. Grazing Experiments. 68M023 - Legume Grazing Management·Trial,. West Moora. 71LG17 - Comparison of Production from Cyprus Medic and Volunteer Pasture. Comparison of Production from Tornafield Medic, Serradella and Subterranean.Clover. 70ME2 - Walgoolan 71WH13 - Wongan Hills 69M017 - Watheroo 69LG24 - Lake Grace. Low Oestrogen Legume Grazing Trials: Series 2 - 68TS12 - Eneabba. 68NA15 - Bullaring. 68LG17 - Pingrup. Series 3 - 68M024 - Kirwan. 68GE9 - Gutha. A report on the small plot trials will be submitted in June 1974.

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