F. D. Panetta

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Biosecurity, pests, weeds and diseases


3.1 Growth of doublegees under summer irrigation. (87A40)

The weevil, Perapion antiquum is a potential biological control agent of doublegee. However, it exhibits large population crashes during the summer months in the summer-dry areas of the Western Caped of South Africa, where it is native. It has been suggested that one means of successfully establishing Perapion in Western Australia could be to maintain populations in 'oases' over the summer months. The aim of this experiment was to determine how readily doublegee could be maintained in a non-senescent phase under irrigated and shaded conditions.

3.2 Doublegee demography in cereal crops (87GE30)

To measure reproductive output of late-emerging doubegee plants in comparison with those which survive or avoid herbicide application.

4.1 Effect of time of spraying on seed production of Arum Lily (87PE8)

To determine the latest time to apply chlorsulfuron without permitting the production of viable seeds.

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