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Biosecurity, pests, weeds and diseases


Trial 88PE27 - University Field Station, Shenton Park
Trial 88WH43 - Wongan Hills Research Station.

The project aims to develop, by breeding and selection, better adapted and more productive low-oestrogen cultivars of subterranean clover for a range of environments in southern Australia. The programme is a collaborative one with the University of Western Australia and consists of two phases (i) early generation selection, which involves selecting varieties satisfying primary selection criteria; and (ii) field evaluation of advanced lines, which is conducted by the Departments of Agriculture in each State and co-ordinated by the Plant Breeder. The first phase is conducted at the University Field Station (UFS) and is continued until the F7 or F8 generation, while the latter consists of 2 or 3 stages, each lasting 2-3 years.

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