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Animal production and livestock, Biosecurity, pests, weeds and diseases


1. Selection and development of early maturing varieties of murex medic.

Small plot trials were established at six medium and low rainfall sites in autumn 1988. All were hand sown 2Mx3Mplots sown at 50 kg/ha except for the Merredin site which was drill sown at 10 kg/ha.

Locations: Badgebup, Gabalong, Kellerberrin, Merredin, North Quairading, Pingrup.

2. Mid season murex medic evaluation.

Locations: Avondale, Cranbrook, Darkan and New Norcia

This programme aims to identify superior varieties to Zodiac which was released in 1988.

3. Management of murex medic.

Locations: Arthur River

After three years of drought the large grazing trial at Arthur River (85NA36) finally experienced a reasonable year.

4. Murex medic summer pod consumption.

Locations: Arthur River/Darkan region.

Two areas were sown to Zodiac medic in the Arthur River/Darkan region in 1988 in order to measure pod consumption and consequent seed loss by grazing sheep during summer.

5. The effect of redlegged earthmite in spring on legume dry matter production and seed yield. (88A26)

Location: Avondale.

Eight legume varieties (five species) of annual legumes were sown at Avondale to assess the impact of redlegged earthmite (RLEM).

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