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Biosecurity, pests, weeds and diseases


1. Soil O/C decay (5812)

Locations: Brookhampton, Carbunup, Dardanup, Denmark, Donnybrook, Goodwood, Jindong, Kirrup, Manjimup, Pemberton, Redmond.

To determine the rate of decay of soil Dieldrin.

2. Soil profile distribution of O/Cs (5812) (88AL21/1)

To determine the distribution of O/cs at 1 cm intervals down the soil profile.

3. Soil decontamination of O/Cs (5812)

To assess practical and economic techniques for decontaminating soil Dieldrin residues.

4. The accumulation and rundown of Dieldrin in wethers. (5841)

To determine the relationship between the levels of Dieldrin contamination in soil, pasture, sheep body and wool fat.

5. Surface drainage trial 86V1/5164

Efficient surface drainage of paddocks can be achieved by laser levelling. These freely drained pastures should now not be limited by waterlogging or salt accumulation. These pastures should also produce more herbage and carry more stock to pay the $500/ha cost of laser levelling.
The trial plots were laser levelled in 1986 and again in 1987 before being sown to pasture and grazed with sheep.

This experiment will be cropped in 1990 and resown to pasture in 1991. Pasture growth rates will be recorded in 1991/92.

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