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Trial 89BA33,

Location: Badgingarra

Based on a 1.5 t/ha potential yield, the strategic treatment was planned to be 120 kg urea/ha 4WAS. However, the crop was poorly established and so NH4NO3 was used in the hope of getting better tillering than would be possible with the slower release urea source. Gambling on equal dollars to urea for 2/3 N, but believe that twice as effective.

DAP was used to place nitrogen with the seed in case there was no rain of significance after seeding. This nitrogen (only 5 kg/ha) was probably lost with the rains of 20-28/7/89 (50 mm). Urea (60 kg/ha) was applied at 4WAS with the option to apply more later if yield potential warranted it.

Trial 89BA32 1st Top

Hand harvest 7/12/989

Trial 89BA32 2nd Top

Hand harvest 7/12/89

Trial 89BA32

Tiller Analysis

About 20 plants per replicate for each of four replicates were described. The results are expressed per hundred plants. There were on average, about one hundred plants per metre squared.

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