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Grains and field crops


Trial 90ME8, 9 and 10

Location: Bencubbin.

90ME8. Deep loamy sand. pH(CaC12) = 4.9 at surface and 3.7 at 50 cm.
90ME9. Sand over clay at 25-30 cm. pH(CaC12) = 5.7 at surface and 8.3 at 50 cm. 90ME10. Sandy loam over clay at 15 cm. pH(CaC12) = 5.5 at surface and 8.4 at 50 cm

Trial 90ME11 and 13

Location: Totadgin.

90ME11. Deep loamy sand. pH (CaC12) = 4.5 at surface and 3.9 at 50 cm. 90ME13. Loamy sand over sandy clay at 10 cm. pH (CaC12) = not yet available due to instrument difficulties.

Trial 90ME14, 15 and 16

Location: Mt Walker

90ME14. Deep loamy sand. pH (CaC12) = 5.6 at surface and 4.9 at 50 cm.
90ME15. Sand over clay at 15-20 cm. pH (CaC12) = 5.2 at surface, and 7.0 at 50 cm.
90ME16. Sand over sandy clay loam at 10 cm. pH (CaC12) = 5.0 at surface, and 5.1 at 50 cm.

Trial 90LG69, 70 and 71

Location: Bendering

90LG69. Deep loamy sand. pH (CaCl2) = 4.7 at surface and 3.8 at 50 cm.
90LG70. Sand over clay at 20 cm. pH (CaCl2) = 5.9 at surface, and 6.8 at 50 cm. 90LG71. Sand over sandy clay loam at 10 cm. pH (CaC12) = 5.5 at surface, and 7.9 at 50 cm.

Trial 90ME69 and 90ME70

Location: Bodallin

90ME69. Deep loamy sand. pH(CaC12) = 5.3 at surface and 5.2 at 50 cm. 90ME70. Sand over clay at 25 cm. pH (CaCl2) = not yet available due to instrument difficulties

Trial 90M67

Hydraulic conductance in grain legume species.

Location: CSIRO research block, Merredin.

Wirrega peas sown at 20,40 and 90 kg/ha and Danja lupins at 80, 120 and 160 kg/ha into moist soil on 15/6/1990. 20 mm water applied to 1 m2 quadrats on 4/9/1990, and lowest leaves of selected plants covered with Al foil. On 5/9/1990 adaxial and abaxial leaf conductance and transpiration was measured using a diffusive resistance porometer on four plants from each quadrat and leaf water potential was measured on the same leaves, at intervals throughout the day. The water potentials of the covered leaves were measured as an estimate of root water potential. The quadrats were harvested on 6/9/1990 and leaf area and dry weight were determined.

Trial 90ME5

Stunted patch syndrome in lupins.

Location: Merredin

Acid Yellow-brown loamy sand. For chemical properties see under lupin patch survey.

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