F. D. Panetta

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Grains and field crops


Trial 88WH47

Control of doublegee in pasture.

Location: Wongan Hills.

To assess the effects of repeated pre-emergence and post - emergence applications of herbicides upon survival and seed production by doublegee. To measure the effects of herbicides upon pasture composition and the sizes of doublegee seed banks.

Trial 89MC2, 89WH7, 89EC1

Simulated invasion by doublegee.

Location: Manjimup, Wongan Hills and East Chapman.

In spite of the significance of weed invasion to the overall problem of weed management, almost nothing is known about factors which influence invasion. The aim of this study was to assess the relative importance of seed number and seed burial to colonization success in doublegee.

Trial 88PE100,

Changes in germination potential of doublegee seeds during field storage.

Little is known about the fate of newly produced doublegee seeds. The course of after-ripening and/or the imposition of dormancy may influence whether a seed germinates or becomes part of a persistent seed bank.

Trial 89WH89

Dispersal and burial of doublegee seeds.

Location: Wongan Hills.

Previous studies have indicated that the fate of doublegee seeds depends to a large extent upon their degree of burial. This study aims to quantify aspects of seed movement and burial under field conditions.

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Western Australia, Doublegee ecology.