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Grains and field crops


Effect of AGRAS 18:18, AGRAS 12:24 and D.A.P. on germination of wheat, 78C2, 78A2, 78GE1, 78N2, 78ES2.

Rates and sources of N and P for wheat, 78LG2, 78ME1, 78NA2, 78GE2, 78KA1, 78MO3, 78NO2, 78TS2.

Agras no. 1 and D.A.P. for wheat production, 78SG15.

Effect of stubble treatment on nitrogen fertiliser requirement, 78C3, 78WH3, 78M2.

Sulphur-coated urea for wheat, 78TS1, 78E2, 78M01, 78NA1.

Sulphur-coated urea for oats, 78MO2.

Sulphur-coated urea for barley, 78NO1.

Nitrogen fertiliser requirement in alternate crop-pasture rotation, 78BA1, 78WH2.

Effect of placement of Nitrogen fertiliser on wheat direct drilled or conventionally sown, 78WH1,

78E1, 78M1.

Effect of placement of Nitrogen fertiliser on competition between wheat and Wimmera ryegrass, 78WH4.

Legume species grazing trial, cropping with nitrogen, 71WH13.

Rates of nitrogen wheat, 78A4 ,78N03.

The effect of rates, sources and method of application of nitrogen and sowing rate on wheat, 78M3.

Rate and method of application of sulphate of ammonia on wheat, 78MT2.

Rates and times of application of nitrogen on rape, 78BR5.

Rate of nitrogen by rate of seeding oats, 78BR1.

Time of application of nitrogen on oats, 78BY1, 78B1.

Rates of urea on barley and linseed, 78BY4.

Rate of nitrogen on oats, rape and linseed, 78BU2.

Phostorin, agras and germination.

Placement of sulphur-coated urea with wheat – glasshouse, 78GL1.

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