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Biosecurity, pests, weeds and diseases


85WH55, 85M55. The effect of timing of Roundup and spray.

85NO87, Evaluation of herbicides for control of lupins in cereals.

85NO89, Control of self sown lupins in cereal crops.

85NA59, Grass controI in barley with Isoproturon, Cinch and Metribuzin.

85NO88, Control of wild oats with hoegrass and oil.

85NO86, Tolerance of wheat to hoegrass and oil.

85NO84, Tolerance of lupins to Fusilade plus oil.

85NA63, Ryegrass control in crop with hoegrass plus crop oil.

85A15, Rates of Fusilade for seed set control in grasses.

85A17, Pasture topping herbicides and oils (Silvergrass).

85WH64, Crop oil additives to seed set control herbicides.

85WH65, Oil additives and volume of application for pasture topping herbicides.

85MO, Crop oil additives to seed set control herbicides.

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