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Grains and field crops


T. Albertsen, maintenance phosphorus and sulphur, continuous cropping with NPS, sulphur status in high rainfall areas. J. Cripps, (jointly with B Luren), experiments at Stoneville research station and on growers’ properties. A.C. Devitt, replacement of legume pasture, evaluation of Midland b, competitive ability of some sub clovers. Evaluation of Dinninup 3. Evaluation of Tornafield medic 1967. Evaluation of some medics 1968. Evaluation of Northam A crossbreds. Effect of phosphate on growth of medics 1968. Effect of Urea on growth of subclover on new land. Effect of Urea on established legume pastures. Pasture species establishment and persistence. Evaluation of pasture species under grazing. Evaluation of some yanninicums. Discontinued trials. J.W. Gartrell, Rates Cu, En, Mo on wheat followed by legume pasture. Rates Cu, Zn for wheat. Cu residual for crop and animal production. Johnson lakes project. Rice block 36 Kununurra. R.N. Glencross, grouped according to subject index. Phosphorus and sulphur. Maintenance Phosphorus and sulphur. R.N. Glencross, grouped according to subject index. M.G. Mason. 1969 Evaluation of pasture species in medium rainfall zone. Perennial species. Low oestrogen grazing. Clover cultivar and stocking rate. Legume species. Clover cropping trial. I. C Rowland. Long term rotations of pastures and crops. D. Tennant, 69NO30, 69NO31, 69NO33, 69NO32, 69NO34, 69NO35. Apple nutrition, Citrus trials, Growth substances on young apple trees. Pasture species, establishments and grazing trialsconducted in the cereal growing areas, 1969. G.E. Walton.

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Western Australia

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